What are the advantages of selecting lithium batteries for solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-04
Solar street lamps have good energy-saving advantages, which make them widely used. There are three types of solar batteries, which are important components of solar street lamps. They are lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and colloidal batteries. Among them, lithium batteries have become more and more popular in the solar energy industry due to their service life higher than that of the two. So, what are the advantages of choosing lithium batteries for solar street lamps? 1. Long service life of lithium batteries: Unlike the short service life that lead-acid batteries need to be replaced in two or three years, the service life of lithium batteries is generally more than 10 years, while in solar street lamp systems, the service life of LED light source can generally reach 10 years (About 50000 hours) , The choice of lithium battery can be perfectly matched with the system, eliminating the cumbersome process of frequent battery replacement. 2. Lithium battery is safer: lithium battery belongs to the nature of dry battery and is a controllable and pollution-free energy storage battery, which is more stable and safer than lead-acid battery. 3. Intelligent optimization calculation and reasonable distribution of power consumption grade: the solar street lamp lithium battery can also intelligently optimize the calculation of the remaining capacity of the battery, the duration of day and night, the weather conditions and other factors according to the user's needs, and reasonably allocate the power consumption level, and realize the functions of light control, time control, storage and memory, etc. , which can ensure the lighting of at least ten days of continuous rainy days. The above is about the advantages of selecting lithium batteries for solar street lamps. The lithium iron phosphate battery used in the source code can charge and discharge more than 2000 times, with long service life, high safety and good high temperature resistance. At the same time, it adopts the original intelligent balancing technology and intelligent dual (Software and hardware)Protection technology to make battery life longer.
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