What are the benefits of installing solar courtyard lights in the community?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-26
The led solar garden lamp with independent system does not need complicated preparatory works during installation. The power of the LED light source is 4 times that of the ordinary lamp, and the brightness is higher. Moreover, solar energy is a renewable energy source, so it is used in some high-end residential quarters and is also the future development direction of Solar led courtyard lights. Solar courtyard lamp is a kind of commonly used energy-saving lighting equipment, and its pollution-free characteristics have been widely applied and popularized. The product is powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, which convert light energy into electric energy for storage, it is energy-saving and efficient, and can be widely promoted. Solar courtyard lights are mainly used by solar panels to receive light and generate electricity. They store the electricity they send in a special lead-acid/colloid maintenance-free battery for solar energy and use it at night. One: In the current residential area, different from the past, the requirements for the building spacing are very high, and the size of the building spacing determines the lighting quality of the residential area. In this way, a large solar irradiation area is ensured, so that all owners of the residential area can enjoy excellent lighting. For the installation of solar courtyard lights, the most important requirement is to install in the place where the lighting time is long, so the conditions of the residential area are very suitable for the installation of solar courtyard lights. Second: The solar radar induction courtyard lamp does not need to lay any wires, and is ready to use; Radar induction courtyard lights can last up to 3-6 days, rainy days can also illuminate your courtyard. Three: The roads in residential areas are relatively open, so the requirements for street lamps are relatively high, requiring high brightness and good lighting effect. This is also the most important role of street lamps. Solar street lamps just meet the high requirements of residential areas for street lamps. Due to the fact that the street lamp is too bright, it has seriously affected the night rest of the owners next to the street lamp. The change of the shape of the street lamp will not affect the rest of the owners or road lighting, and the changeable shape of the street lamp also brings more aesthetic feeling to the residential area, so the solar street lamp is suitable for installation in the residential area. Four: The courtyard lamp is safer than the conventional street lamp, because it is an ultra-low voltage product, the main component of the solar street lamp, and the service life of the solar panel is very long, generally around 25 years. Five: Courtyard lights do not need to arrange a variety of circuits, maintenance is also very convenient, do not have to worry about the danger of circuit aging and leakage, greatly reducing the task of residential property. Six: street lamps mean that brightness settings can be segmented to provide different brightness according to the needs of the area. When night comes, the number of people in this area is large, but it gradually decreases to scarcity with the passage of time. To adjust the lighting power of solar street lamps in this time period, if the number of people at night is large and the time is long, in this way, when the lighting power of the solar street lamp is high, the storage power of the battery of the solar street lamp will be increased. In some places where there are fewer people at night, the battery power can be reduced, or the induction lighting device can be used, which can effectively save the battery power. However, this situation is used in secondary roads and rural areas, and the main roads do not use this technology. Seven: Courtyard lamps provide electricity with solar photoelectric conversion, which is inexhaustible. There are no accidents such as electric shock and fire. Convenience: The installation is simple, there is no need to wire or 'open the stomach' to dig the construction, and there is no concern about power failure and power restriction.
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