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What are the benefits of lithium batteries for solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-13
The source code first introduces the advantages of lithium batteries: lithium batteries use lithium ions, which are more stable than solution, so they have more energy than other batteries. Small size and light weight, change the previous heavy Image, palm size, more convenient. The use of lithium batteries does not consume water, compared with lead acid, no aqueous solution, no waste of resources. The solar street lamp is an independent lighting system, which does not need electricity connected to the power grid. During the day, the solar panel converts light energy into electric energy and stores it in the storage battery. At night, the electric energy in the storage battery is supplied to the light source for lighting, it is a typical power generation and discharge system. The advantages of selecting lithium battery for solar street lamps are: environmental protection, energy saving, low operating cost and long service life of lithium battery. Lithium battery charges fast. The voltage and current of lithium battery can be assembled by itself, which is suitable for illumination intensity. Characteristics of ordinary lithium batteries :(1)Output Current: 0. 15 ~ 2A, * can be divided into 5 sections to control respectively (Power ≤ 60 W). System Voltage: DC-12V (Internal battery pack voltage)(2)Output voltage: A, constant current type: DC-12 ~ 60V (Applicable LED-3 ~ 18 strings)(3)Control mode: A. Pure light control; B, light control time control; C, optical control delay time control, Capacity: 20AH30AH40AH50AH (4) Non-constant current type: the output voltage is 11 ~ 12. 5 V, I . e. battery pack voltage (Applicable to non-constant current loads). Requirements for the use environment: the discharge voltage of lithium iron phosphate battery is very stable, generally 3. 2 V, late discharge (Mainly refers to the remaining 10% capacity)The voltage changes rapidly, and the cut-off voltage is generally 2. 5 V; Ambient temperature, especially low temperature, will affect the discharge capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries :- The discharge capacity at 20℃ is 45% of the normal temperature capacity ,- 5℃ is 80℃ of normal temperature, 0℃ is 90℃ of normal temperature, 0℃ ~ The change of discharge capacity at 20℃ is very small. Therefore, in these cold places in the north, there are some difficulties in using ordinary lithium batteries. First, the lithium battery self-discharge rate of street lamps is very low, which is one of the most prominent advantages of the battery and can generally be 1. Less than 5%/month, less than 1/20 of Ni-MH battery; Two: green environmental protection, regardless of production, use and scrap, also does not produce any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances. Three: The energy is relatively high. With high storage energy density, it has reached 460-600Wh/kg The service life is long, the service life can reach more than 6 years, and the lithium iron phosphate is the positive battery 1C (100% DOD) Charge and discharge, there are records that can be used 10,000 times; Four: maintenance after-sales is the focus: the traditional controller installation we all mind to install at the bottom of the lamp pole, so that it is convenient to replace the maintenance judgment. The lithium battery is installed at the bottom of the solar panel. When there is a failure, we must use the crane or climb to the top tool, which will increase the maintenance after-sales cost in the later period. We suggest to increase the capacity of solar panels and lithium batteries, the rainy days of solar lithium street lamps have been prolonged. Therefore, this disadvantage is also a pseudo-small one. As long as the controller we use is of excellent quality, this problem has been solved.
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