What are the benefits of solar street lamp lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-02
With the continuous development of science and technology, the technology of lithium batteries is becoming more and more mature, the capacity is getting larger and larger, the life is getting longer and longer, and the scope of use is getting wider and wider. Nowadays, the use of lithium batteries has developed into the solar street lamp industry, replacing lead-acid and colloidal batteries. So, what are the benefits of solar street lamp lithium batteries compared with lead-acid batteries? Shenzhen source code (Road Smart) The technical staff of the solar street lamp manufacturer will answer for you: 1. The lithium battery is light in weight and saves time and effort in installation: at present, the first choice for global solar street lamps is generally integrated street lamps. If lead-acid battery packs are used, it needs to be buried in the ground next to the light pole and placed in the buried box. If lithium battery is used, it can be hung on the back of the battery board with its lighter weight, saving time and labor. 2. Self-discharge rate: monthly self-discharge of lithium battery < 3%, lead-acid battery 15 ~ 30%, the difference is obvious. 3. Specific energy: the mass ratio and volume specific energy of lithium batteries are about 40% higher than that of lead-acid batteries. 4. Environmental Protection: lithium battery has no pollution (Not absolutely), And lead-acid batteries have heavy metal lead pollution. 5. Safety: lithium battery (Lithium manganite, lithium iron phosphate) Different materials have different safety. Although lead-acid battery technology is relatively mature, it pollutes the environment. 6. Electrical characteristics: to put it simply, a lithium battery with the same capacity will discharge about 30% more electricity than a lead-acid battery under the condition of large current discharge. 7. Service life: at present, the general lithium iron phosphate is charged 1500 times, with a storage capacity of about 1500 after charging 85% times, while the lead-acid battery is about 500 times. The above is about the advantages of solar street lamp lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery. Lithium battery belongs to the nature of dry battery and is a controllable and pollution-free energy storage battery, which is more stable than lead-acid battery, safer. SOURCE Solar street lamp lithium iron phosphate battery has more than 2000 cycles, long service life, high safety and good high temperature resistance. At the same time, it adopts the original intelligent balancing technology and intelligent dual (Software and hardware)Protection technology to make battery life longer.
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