What are the characteristics of high-efficiency solar panels?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-20
A solar panel consists of several solar cells assembled on a panel in a certain way. High-efficiency solar panels are the core part of the power generation system in solar street lamps and the most important part of the solar power generation system. The highest photoelectric conversion efficiency of single crystal silicon solar panels reaches 24%, which is the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency among all kinds of solar cells at present. So, what are the characteristics of efficient solar panels? Shenzhen source solar street lamp technicians answer for you: features of high-efficiency solar panels: 1. High conversion rate 22% and high-efficiency output. 2. The unique process makes the components beautiful, firm and resistant to wind and snow, and the service life of tight sealing reaches 5-7 years. 3. Excellent weak light effect, compared with the same single crystal, the higher the conversion efficiency, the better the weak light. 4. The conversion efficiency of the high-efficiency board is high. Up to now, we have produced nearly 20W high-efficiency boards. 5. Strict quality inspection conforms to international quality testing standards. ISO9001, CE certification. 6. High-efficiency solar panel silicon chip, the conversion rate of sunpower in the United States reaches 22%, without grid lines, ensuring the stability and durability of power output. 7. High-efficiency PET and anti-corrosion EVA effectively protect the battery board. EVA plays a bonding role to achieve the sealing effect. 8, stable performance to ensure the output of power, than the ordinary single crystal 17% conversion efficiency is high, the current can be higher than 40-50%, play a practical charging effect. The above is the explanation of the characteristics of high-efficiency solar panels. The Source solar street lamp adopts high-efficiency single crystal A- class components, the conversion rate is greater than 19%, and it has passed the test and certification of the authoritative testing and certification organization: germany TUV and China Quality Certification Center CQC, eu ce, ROHS and other certifications.
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