What are the characteristics of the introduction of wind and light complementary street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-20
Ordinary street lamps not only need to open the wiring, pay for electricity, but also to prevent the phenomenon of cable theft, electricity needs to consume one-time energy. If power failure is involved, the whole area will be cut off. Not only belongs to electricity pollution equipment. Wind and solar complementary solar street lamps not only do not need to consume one-time energy, but also can generate electricity by themselves to meet their own use. They can not only prevent theft but also use renewable wind energy and solar energy to meet the use requirements of lighting, which is a slightly higher one-time investment. Wind-solar complementary street lamp makes a whole set of wind power generation equipment by using small wind turbines, including small wind turbines, wind-solar complementary batteries, inverters, etc. , which can mainly supply power to small power loads, it can also cooperate with solar panels and solar controllers to make use of wind energy and solar energy. 1: intelligent street lamps and intelligent equipment can be concentrated on the wind and light complementary street lamps, and intelligent lighting control can be realized at the same time. Realize the light-controlled lighting mode, automatically open and close, and eliminate manual operation caused by seasonal changes. The wind and light complementary street lamps are low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and have no pollution. Meet the requirements of green environmental protection and protect the ecological environment. 2: The control system switches and adjusts the working state of the battery pack according to the changes of sunshine intensity, wind force and load. The wind-solar complementary street lamp controller sends the electric energy of the storage battery to the load, which changes with the size of the battery. Ensure the continuity and stability of the work. The storage battery part consists of multiple storage batteries, which convert the electric energy output from wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation into chemical energy and store it for use when the power supply is insufficient. 3: High Safety. It is the safest and green power supply to charge the storage battery by low-voltage direct current generated by conversion of wind energy and solar energy. 4: wind and light complementary controller, the most important component in the wind and light complementary street lamp system, the wind and light complementary street lamp controller of the shangneng system, the light is turned on, the lights are turned off, and the load is automatically discharged, overcharge and overrelease protection function in one. 5: The shape is beautiful. The windmill is the mascot that brings good luck in Chinese traditional culture. The beautiful windmills are arranged along the road and dancing in the wind, which will become the scenery line of the road.
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