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What are the components of solar panel?


Solar panel, also called photovoltaic panel, is one of core components of solar led street lights, and mainly used to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy. Generally the crystalline silicon solar cell is fabricated on high quality silicon layer which having a thickness of 350 to 450 μm. At present, poly-crystalline silicon thin film batteries are mostly prepared by chemical vapor deposition, including low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) processes. It is difficult to form large crystal grains on a non-silicon substrate, and it is easy to form voids between the crystal grains. To solve this problem, a thin layer of amorphous silicon is deposited on the substrate by LPCVD, and then the amorphous silicon layer is annealed to obtain larger crystal grains, which are then deposited on the seed crystal to form thick poly-silicon film.

1. EVA is used to bond tempered glass and power generation body. The quality of transparent EVA material directly affects the life of components. EVA exposed to air is prone to aging and yellowing, thus affecting the transmittance of components. Such as EVA glue is not up to standard or the bonding between EVA glue, tempered glass and backboard is not strong enough, will all cause EVA premature aging, affecting component life.

2. The function of the backboard is to seal, insulate and waterproof. Most of the component manufacturers have a quality guarantee of 25 years. The tempered glass and aluminum alloy are generally no problem. The key is whether the backboard and the silica gel can meet the requirements.

3. The main function of the solar cell is power generation. The mainstream of the solar panel market is crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film solar cells, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. Compared with thin film solar cells, crystalline silicon solar cells are more expensive, but photoelectric conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells are much higher.

4. The junction box protects the entire power generation system and acts as a current relay station. If the component is shorted, the junction box automatically disconnects the shorted battery string to prevent the entire system from burning out.

5.The silicone gel acts as a seal at the junction of the component and the junction box. Some companies use double-sided tape and foam instead of silica gel. There are also many companies that use silica gel. The process is simple, convenient, easy to operate, and the cost is very low.

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