What are the control methods and components of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-09
Solar street lamp is a widely used street lamp type at present. At ordinary times, the solar street lamp we see will light up automatically when it is dark and extinguish automatically when it is dark. This is all controlled by the solar controller. The solar street lamp controller is an electronic device placed inside the solar street lamp to control the opening and extinguishing of the solar LED lamp, which is equivalent to the central computer of the whole solar street lamp. So, what are the control methods and components of solar street lamps? The technicians of the source solar intelligent street lamp will answer for you: first, two control modes: 1. Light control: mainly through the sensor to sense the intensity of external light, when the light reaches a certain degree of darkness, the solar street lamp will be automatically turned on, and when the outside light reaches a certain bright spot, the solar street lamp will be turned off by itself. As for the control of light and shade, it can be adjusted manually. At present, most solar street lamps adopt this method. 2. Time control: the switch of solar street lamp is mainly determined through timing. This method was used more earlier, but now it is used less. The main reason is that even if it changes in different seasons in the same area, it is inconvenient to adopt time control. 2. Components of the controller: 1. Hardware: the combination of ordinary circuit boards and chips. 2. Software part: make different control software according to different solar street lamps. The above is the control method and components of the solar street lamp introduced by Xiaobian. It can be seen that our solar street lamps generally realize automatic switch. The solar street lamp controller is a very important issue, everyone must pay extra attention.
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