What are the environmental requirements for installing rural solar roads?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-28
Due to the large number of fields in rural areas and the large number of planting land, if you use city street lamps, you need complicated engineering operations, such as digging pipelines and ditches. Using lithium solar street lamps, even the volume of the battery is very small and does not require so many projects. The construction of new countryside is a systematic and comprehensive project. Lighting facilities play a very important role in it, which can not only bring light to people's travel and activities at night, moreover, well-planned lighting facilities are also a landscape. The installation cost of solar street lamps is also much lower than that of ordinary mains street lamps. Therefore, solar street lamps are widely used in the construction of new countryside and play an irreplaceable role in the renovation of rural environment. The basic installation steps are as follows: 1: According to the road direction and the position of the lamp light source, select the direction of the lamp light source to meet the maximum irradiation area of the road surface. 2: The solar street lamp must be installed in a place with sufficient light and no shelter, and the solar cell module faces due south. 3: solar lamps and lanterns should try to avoid close to the heat source, in case of affecting the service life of lamps and lanterns. 4: There can be no direct light source above the solar panel of the solar lamp, so as not to make the lamp control system misrecognize the day and cause misoperation.
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