What are the misunderstandings of solar street lamp installation?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-21
After the installation of the solar street lamp, have you ever encountered a light that is not on, or can only be on for a few hours? Similar problems may be caused by improper installation. Because some construction workers don't know much about the installation requirements of solar street lamps, the installation method is incorrect, causing the solar panel to be unable to be charged or charged very little, thus the street lamps cannot be lit or lit for a short time. So, what are the misunderstandings of solar street lamp installation? Next, Yuanchuang technicians explained to everyone: 1. There are too many obstructions around: there are obstructions around solar street lamps, such as leaves and buildings, blocking light, which affects the absorption and utilization of light energy, resulting in a decrease in the charging efficiency of solar panels. 2. Reference light source next to the solar panel: there are other street lamps next to the solar street lamp, and the street lamps next to it are on, causing the solar panel of the solar street lamp to detect the light source and mistakenly think it is daytime, as a result, the charging voltage of the solar panel is above the light control voltage point and cannot be lit. 3. The solar panel is installed under the shelter: The solar panel is installed under the wires, branches and light poles, resulting in a shadow on the solar panel during the day. The other is that the solar panel's battery pieces are usually multiple strings, if a shadow appears on a string of solar panels, and the shadow is relatively deep, if it is serious, the string is equivalent to an open circuit, and if the solar panel is multiple strings, this solar panel will not generate electricity. 4. Install lights on both sides and tilt the solar panel face to face: the installer may tilt the solar panel face to face and install it symmetrically in order to be beautiful, but if one side is oriented correctly, the other side must be wrong. On the wrong side, the charging efficiency will decrease because there is no way to directly reach the solar panel due to illumination. The above is the misunderstanding about the installation of solar street lamps. Solar street lamps rely entirely on solar panels to maintain their lighting. Only correct installation can avoid problems, can be used normally.
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