What are the modes of solar street lamp controllers?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-16
Nowadays, solar street lamps have been widely used. A good solar street lamp requires a controller, because the controller is the core component of solar street lamps, and the controller of solar street lamps has many different modes, and we can also choose different modes of solar street lamp controllers according to our own needs. So, what are the modes of solar street lamp controller? Shenzhen source solar street lamp factory technicians answer for you: the mode of solar street lamp controller is mainly divided into the following: 1. Manual mode: the manual mode of the solar street lamp controller is that the user can control the opening and closing of the load by pressing the key, regardless of whether it is during the day or at night. This mode is used in some special load situations or debugging. 2. Debugging mode: the debugging mode of solar street lamp is used for system debugging. When there is light signal, the load is turned off, and the load is turned on without light signal, which is convenient for checking the correctness of system installation during installation and debugging. 3. Pure light control: the pure light control mode of the solar street lamp controller is that when there is no sunlight, the light intensity drops to the starting point, and the solar street lamp controller delays for 10 minutes to confirm the starting signal, and then turns on the load according to the setting parameters, the load starts to work; When there is sunlight, the light intensity rises to the starting point, the controller delays 10 minutes to confirm the closing signal and then turns off the output, and the load stops working. 4. Light control time control mode: the light control time control mode of the solar street lamp controller is the same as that of pure light control during the startup process. When the load works to the set time, it will automatically shut down, and the set time will be 1 ~ 14 hours. The above is about the solar street lamp controller which has several modes to introduce to this, solar street lamp controller with over temperature, over charge, over discharge, overload, short circuit automatic protection function, moreover, it also has unique dual-time control, which can enhance the flexibility of the street lamp system. It coordinates the work of solar panels, batteries and loads, and is a very important component in photovoltaic systems. Make the whole solar photovoltaic system operate efficiently and safely.
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