What are the reasons for the failure of solar courtyard lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-06
Solar courtyard lights are available in many parts of the city and the countryside. It can be seen in residential areas, parks and other places. The installed solar courtyard lights should be regularly maintained to avoid common faults. With the continuous development of urban construction, solar garden lamps are also continuously extended. When building a new solar garden lamp, it is often close to the one with too much energy and connected to the other circuit. Sometimes the load of the garden lamp is too large and the cable is overheated, thread nose overheating, insulation reduction, grounding short circuit, etc. When designing the light pole, only the light pole's own situation is considered, ignoring the space of the cable head. After the cable head is wrapped, most of them cannot even close the door. Sometimes the cable length is not enough and the joint production does not meet the requirements, this is also the factor causing the failure. 1: The materials of street lamps are not good enough, and the low quality of materials also has great factors. The main performance is: the wire contains less aluminum, the wire is relatively hard, and the insulation layer is thin. This situation has been more common in recent years. 2. Solar courtyard light cables are generally laid on sidewalks, especially in the alpine zone in northeast China. When winter comes, the cables and soil will form a whole. Once the ground settles, it will be pulled at the bottom of the foundation of the garden lamp, and when there is much rain in summer, it will burn out at the root of the Foundation. 3: The light source is damaged, which is caused by natural or man-made reasons, resulting in the solar street lamp system not working, not bright when lit, flashing, etc. 4: the positive and negative poles of the solar panel are reversed. The solar courtyard lamp system will only be lit once after installation. When the battery is used up, the solar courtyard lamp will never be lit again.
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