What are the skills for installing solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-22
When installing the solar street lamp, consider the foundation pouring first, and check whether the installation site is backfill. If it is backfill, the foundation pit should be deepened and enlarged, which can ensure the stability of the later use of the solar street lamp, when installing, try to avoid installing on low-lying road sections. 1: the installation time of the solar street lamp must be selected on a sunny day, so the charging cannot be completed quickly after installation. If the discharge is carried out at night, it will not only achieve good use effect, but also will affect the service life of solar street lamps. 2: Pay attention to the orientation of the panel. The inclination angle of the solar street lamp bracket is generally made before leaving the factory. When installing, just make sure to face the south and make sure there is no shelter around, which affects the light conversion efficiency of the panel. 3: considering the influence of rainy weather, it is suggested that the controller should choose high-quality products with waterproof function, so as to better ensure the stability of solar street lamps. If there is no such thing, the terminals can be as far down as possible, the wiring should be U-shaped as far as possible, which can also improve a certain waterproof ability. 4. The characteristics of the battery are deeply buried below the frozen soil layer to maintain the temperature balance and effectively improve the charging and discharging efficiency of the battery. 5: wiring. Solar street lamp system belongs to low voltage system, mainly to distinguish positive and negative poles. After determining the positive and negative poles of the battery panel, light source and storage battery, the wiring instructions on the controller should be strictly followed.
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