What are the traps that need to be paid attention to in the procurement of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-02
Nowadays, solar street lamps are widely used, but now the market price of solar street lamps is different, and the quality of solar street lamps produced by manufacturers is uneven. It is inevitable that some manufacturers will blow their products into the sky. In fact, the quality of the products has brought significant and bad effects. Therefore, when purchasing solar street lamps, we should pay attention to avoid falling into the trap given by the manufacturers. Then, what are the traps that need to be paid attention to in the procurement of solar street lamps? 1. The core of counterfeit chips and low-end chips LED lamps is chips, which directly determines the performance of lamps! However, some bad manufacturers take advantage of the customer's unprofessional, consider from the cost, use low-cost chips, so that customers can buy low-quality products with high unit price, causing direct economic losses, and cause serious quality hazards to LED lamps. 2, the configuration of virtual standard, exaggerated configuration parameters, the heat of solar street lamps is also accompanied by the reduction of price and profit, the fierce competition has also led to the emergence of many solar street lamp manufacturers cutting corners and virtual product parameters. The wattage of the light source, the wattage of the solar panel, the capacity of the battery, and even the materials for the solar light pole are all in question. Of course, this is also caused by customers repeatedly comparing prices and demanding low prices, and is also related to the practices of some manufacturers. 3. Poor heat dissipation design and unreasonable configuration. In terms of heat dissipation design, the life of semiconductor devices will decrease in multiples for every 10 degrees increase in pn junction temperature of LED chips. Due to the high brightness requirements of LED solar street lamps, the use environment is relatively harsh. If the heat dissipation is not solved well, it will quickly lead to LED aging and stability reduction. In addition, unreasonable configuration often leads to the failure of specific usage to reach the expected value. 4. Copper wire posing as gold wire and controller problems many LED manufacturers try to develop copper alloy, gold-coated silver alloy wire and silver alloy wire to replace expensive gold wire. Although these alternatives are superior to gold wire in some characteristics, they are much worse in chemical stability. For example, silver wire and gold-coated silver alloy wire are vulnerable to sulfur/chlorine/bromide corrosion, and copper wire is easy to be oxidized and vulcanized. For the encapsulated silica gel similar to the water-absorbing and breathable sponge, these alternatives make the bonding wire more vulnerable to chemical corrosion, the reliability of the light source is reduced, and the LED lamp bead is more likely to break the wire and die. In terms of solar street lamp controller, if the controller fails, during the process of testing and inspection, there will be the phenomena of 'The whole lamp goes out', 'the switch lamp is not on time', 'partially damaged', 'individual LED lamp beads die' and 'The whole lamp flickers and lights up. The source code attaches great importance to the quality and innovation of products and invests a large amount of money in the research and development of new products every year. At present, the company has an independent research and development department composed of a large number of senior technical talents such as industry elites and senior engineers, and a production and manufacturing base of 5000 square meters, with more than 60 patent applications, and carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with professors and experts from Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Xi 'an University of Science and Technology and other universities to jointly provide customers with the best quality products.
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