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What data parameters will be used in street lamp design?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-22
The inclination angle of the battery plate of the street lamp is A = 16o and the height of the lamp post is 5 m. The design selects the weld width δ at the bottom of the lamp post = 4mm and the outer diameter at the bottom of the lamp post = 168mm. The surface where the weld is located is the failure surface of the lamp pole. The moment M of wind load on the failure surface of the lamp pole = f×1. 545. According to the design maximum allowable wind speed of 27 m/s, the basic load of 2 × 30W double lamp holder solar street lamp panel is 730N. Confirm the number of days between two consecutive rainy days, consider 1. The safety factor of 3, F = 1. 3 × 730 = 949N. I. The light pole is hot-dip zinc-sprayed steel pole with a height of 6 meters and a wall thickness of 2. 65mm, upper caliber 60mm, lower caliber 140mm, flange 260*260 * 12mm. Second, on the premise of meeting the minimum allowable installation height and beauty of lamps, reduce the installation height of lamps as much as possible. Three: The time when the traffic lights on the road work every day. This is the central parameter that determines the size of the components in its system. It confirms the working time and can preliminarily calculate the daily power consumption of the load and the charging current of the corresponding battery components. Four: The plane layout of street lamps the plane layout of street lamps is limited by many objective conditions and many factors should be considered. The plane layout varies with different conditions, such as road grade, traffic flow, speed, road width, lamp power, installation height and intersection.
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