What do you need to do to configure solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-02-22
The system control of solar street lamps is independent. When fixing, attention should be paid to the fact that when solar street lamps are fixed, light poles are fixed through cement piers, in the cement pier, there is a need for Bolt piles to fix the lamp poles, and the size of the cement pier is determined by the height and weight of the lamp poles. Solar street lamps in the new countryside use solar radiation as energy source. Whether the sunlight on the photovoltaic cell module is sufficient directly affects the lighting effect of the lamps. When selecting the installation position of the lamps, the solar cell module can shine sunlight at any time without obstructions such as leaves. 1: first calculate the power consumption required by this configuration: 30 w led light source, solar street lamp, normal courtyard light V system, from which 30W current can be obtained, 30 W/12 V = 2. With a current of 5A, the current consumption per night is now 2. 5A * 7H = 17. 5AH. Due to the presence of solar street lamp battery overshoot and overdischarge courtyard lights, the charging depth of the normal solar street lamp battery is 9 courtyard lights, the discharge depth is 70AH, that is to say, the configuration of 70AH accounts for 70AH of the total configuration, and the real capacity of the storage battery = 70AH/0. 7/= 100AH; 2: according to the light source power and the location of the project, as well as the load of the daily work time to determine the size of the PV module power required. There are many factors affecting the determination of photovoltaic module power, among which the annual average sunshine hours of the project site is relatively difficult to determine, even if the location at the same latitude is different due to the terrain. The actual power consumption of the light source and the daily working state can accurately calculate the daily power consumption hours, and the power of the photovoltaic module can be determined by combining the annual average sunshine and the annual minimum sunshine. 3: determine the capacity of the battery according to the size of the photovoltaic module determined earlier, the working condition of the known load, and the number of days that the customer needs to maintain the rain; At present, most of the batteries used for street lamps in China are colloidal lead-acid batteries, of which the type is energy storage valve-controlled maintenance-free, with a normal life of about 4 ~ 5 years, can withstand the minimum ambient temperature of about- 40, 4: configuration of solar controller, discharge current of 30 w led is 2. 5A, charging current 92 W/17. 5V = 5. 2A, when selecting the controller, you can select the one within 10A. When the power generation current of the 3A controller of Kaiyuan lighting group is 5A, the charging current is 10A, which is more consistent. If you configure the controller of 10A, it doesn't really need to be that big.
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