What does solar street lamp need to prevent in summer?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-23
For the control system of solar street lamps, it is very important. The opening and closing of the light source of the street lamp need to show a synchronous state with the change of natural climate. For example, when solar street lamp is used in summer, its controller needs to be in the morning when the weather is gray and bright, turn off the lights, and then once it is night, it needs to be turned on at the right time. Solar street lamp is also pursuing a kind of lighting facilities with practical functions. Its use has a certain demand for the power and duration of the storage battery. When the storage battery completes charging protection, after unable to draw electricity, the street lamp control system will be turned off in time. 1: With the arrival of summer, the storage of lithium batteries will also be affected by the sharp rise in temperature, if the capacity of lithium batteries can not meet the requirements of use, should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the normal work of solar street lights. Open the door at the bottom of the solar street lamp, take out the controller of the solar street lamp, and check whether the joint has adhesive tape falling off, poor contact, water seepage, etc. 2: take corresponding measures to correct and eliminate potential safety hazards as soon as possible. There is plenty of rain in summer. Although rain does not enter the lamp pole directly, evaporation of rain into steam will illuminate the short circuit of the line. When encountering the rainy season, we should pay more attention to the special situation, so it is necessary to prevent it from happening in the future. 3: In summer, the warm color of the street lamp will make you more relaxed in the bathroom, while the cold color will give you a sense of power. How to choose it at will, the LED color of road lamps will normally choose warm yellow light, which will not be dazzling. Ask everyone to choose LED bulbs. Be sure to take a closer look at the ratio of lumen value to power consumption value, so that products with high brightness but low power consumption can be selected. 4: If there are extreme weather conditions in use, maintenance work must be done in time. Solar street lamp manufacturers introduce the influence of natural gas climate. In this kind of bad weather conditions, it is important for manufacturers to take timely measures to maintain the street lamp battery components, to prevent damage to the battery. It is also very helpful in terms of its own business development. 5: The waterproof treatment of the lamp cap can ensure the service life of the street lamp, so the selection of the street lamp shell is very important when selecting, and must pay attention to whether the style has waterproof performance or not. When installing the storage battery, it is necessary to bury the storage battery about 40 cm underground to avoid final flooding. The LED street lamp should be tested to see if the street lamp is on or not. If it is bright, it can be adopted. 6: The Influence of trees causes many solar street lamp projects to follow the greening project, but in summer thunderstorms, trees near solar street lamps are easily blown down by strong winds. Trees around solar street lamps should be trimmed regularly, especially when plants grow crazily in summer, so ensuring the stable growth of trees can reduce the damage to solar street lamps caused by dumping trees.
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