What is a solar courtyard lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-09
Nowadays, people's leisure and entertainment squares are increasing day by day, and garden scenic spots, parks, amusement parks and so on have become places for people's leisure and entertainment. In order to ensure that the road is bright at night, a lighting appliance called solar garden lamp will be installed. Then, what is solar garden lamp? SOURCE Solar street lamp technicians answer for you: solar courtyard lamp is solar radiation energy, using solar panels to charge the battery during the day and battery to supply power to the courtyard lamp light source at night, without complicated and expensive pipeline laying, the layout of lamps can be adjusted at will, which is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. The charging and on/off processes adopt intelligent control and light-controlled automatic switch without manual operation. The work is stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance-free. Solar Garden lamp series lighting is the decoration and lighting source configuration form commonly used in garden scenic spots, cultural leisure and entertainment squares, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, residential quarters, both sides of the driveway and other places, it is a decorative lighting product. The rod body is made of various materials, the light source is flexible and changeable, and the structure and form are in various shapes. It is an organic combination of beautification, lighting and greening, and the perfect crystallization of light and shadow, lamp and art. Solar Garden lights can dress up courtyards, parks, amusement parks and so on like a poem and a picture. The product can be continuously illuminated every time it is fully charged 4- About 5 days, working 8 to 10 hours a day, can also be designed according to the special requirements of users. The above is what the technicians of the source solar street lamp manufacturer introduced to you is a solar courtyard lamp, which is a decorative product. The design style is simple and fashionable, or classical and romantic, or luxurious and rich, or exquisite and elegant, and the structure is simple and generous. It can not only highlight the characteristics of classical architectural culture, but also display the fashionable city style in many aspects.
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