What is a solar street lamp controller?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-17
With the continuous attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy sources are being used more and more. Solar street lamps rely on the principle of converting solar energy into photoelectric energy. Solar street lamps are generally composed of battery panels, light sources, lamps, light poles, controllers, wires, batteries, battery boxes and foot cages. Among them, the controller is the core component of solar street lamps, so, what is a solar street lamp controller? The source solar street lamp technician answers for you: The solar street lamp system relies on the sun to illuminate the solar panel during the day to generate electric energy, and transmits the generated electric energy to the storage battery for storage. At night, when the illuminance drops to a certain degree or reaches a certain moment, the battery discharges the light source electrical appliance through the control of the controller. The solar controller is an electronic controller for charge and discharge management in the whole solar street lamp. Sunlight charging during the day. Perceive light. After checking in the evening, the street lamp will be turned on automatically. And detect the illuminance of the street lamp after it is turned on. Turn off the lights automatically when sunlight is detected in the morning. The solar controller itself has two functions: time control and light control. Light control plays the role of lighting in the dark and lighting in the sky. Time control is to start timing from lighting, 6 hours, and automatically extinguish after 8 hours. A good solar street lamp controller should be accurate in timing, convenient and intuitive in timing mode adjustment. The charging management is reasonable, which can maximize the use of the power of the battery panel and maximize the service life of the battery. The above is the explanation of what the solar street lamp controller is here. The solar street lamp controller is used in the solar street lamp system or photovoltaic power generation system, which coordinates the work of solar panels, storage batteries and loads, it is a very important component in photovoltaic system. Make the whole solar photovoltaic system operate efficiently and safely.
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