What is the cost advantage of integrated solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-11
With the development of economy, the construction of new countryside has also accelerated, and the lighting of rural roads has also become the focus. We know that the use of traditional street lamps in rural lighting projects will be hindered a lot, and the emergence of integrated solar street lamps is to solve the dilemma of installing traditional street lamps limited by the rural environment, it is because there are a series of cost advantages in integrated solar street lamps, so what is the cost advantage of integrated solar street lamps? 1. The biggest advantage of integrated solar street lamps is to save expensive installation, construction and commissioning, as well as product transportation costs. Usually only 1/5 of the cost of traditional lamps can be used. If it is exported abroad, only 1/10 of the traditional split solar street lamp is needed. . 2. The integrated solar street lamp has a long life of 8 years and is the world's first lithium battery management and control technology. Compared with some common battery products that need to be replaced in two years, the cost of after-sales service and component replacement of integrated solar street lamps can be greatly reduced in the future. Usually, batteries or maintenance are not required within 8 years, and when they need to be replaced after 8 years, due to the unique product structure design, users can complete the replacement in only a few minutes without the guidance of technical support and engineers. 3. The integration of solar street lamps has high cost performance. Integrated Solar street lamp is a solar street lamp that integrates high-efficiency solar panels, 8-year long-life lithium battery, high-efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensing module, anti-theft mounting bracket, etc. The above is about the cost advantage of integrated solar street lamps. Solar energy is a clean, pollution-free and renewable green and environment-friendly energy. The integrated solar street lamp uses solar energy to generate electricity, which has incomparable advantages that other conventional energy sources do not have, such as incomparable cleanliness, high safety, relative universality and adequacy of energy, long life and maintenance-free, integrated solar street lamps play a 'star' role in the construction of new countryside.
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