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What is the design principle of rural solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-08
The appearance of solar street lamps plays an important role in the construction of new rural roads, which not only illuminates the rural roads but also saves energy. Solar street lamp has its particularity, need to ensure the stability and reliability of the system work, so in the design need to pay special attention. So, what is the design principle of rural solar street lamps? The technical staff of Shenzhen source solar street lamp manufacturer will answer for you: 1. The solar street lamp controller controller is the key component acting as the manager in the whole solar street lamp system, its biggest function is to manage the battery comprehensively. A good controller should set each key parameter point according to the characteristics of the battery, such as the overcharge point and overdischarge point of the battery, recovery connection point and SOC discharge control, etc. When choosing the solar street lamp controller, special attention should be paid to the controller's recovery of connection point parameters. Because the battery has the characteristic of voltage self-recovery, when the battery is in the over-discharge state, the controller cuts off the load, and then the battery voltage recovers, if the parameter points of some controllers are not set properly, the lamp may flicker and shorten the life of the battery and light source. 2, the solar cell module, the voltage of the solar cell module will decrease with the increase of temperature, due to the influence of high temperature, the voltage loss of the battery module is about 2 V, the diode voltage drop on the charging process controller is 0. 7 V, so select the component with an operating voltage of 18 V. Due to the particularity of solar street lamps, solar panels are generally installed on the lamp poles. For street lamp poles, they are generally over 5 meters with a high center of gravity, and most solar panels are suspended, in order to enhance the wind resistance of the whole set of equipment, the component power required by the composition of multiple solar panels is generally selected. 3. Selection of light source the selection of light source is the most critical step for solar street lamps. At present, there are few special light sources for solar street lamps. In order to reduce the loss of limited energy, light source try to choose DC light source. At present, common light sources include DC energy-saving lamps, high-frequency electrodeless lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps and LED light sources. 4, battery (Group) When selecting a battery, it is necessary to consider the influence of discharge rate on the battery capacity, the influence of temperature on the battery capacity, and the influence of discharge depth on the battery capacity. Therefore, we must choose a deep cycle of solar energy storage battery. When the storage battery is connected in parallel, it is necessary to consider the unbalanced influence between each single battery. Generally, the number of parallel groups should not exceed 4 groups. The above is about the design principle of rural solar street lamps. The design of solar street lamps needs to be scientific and reasonable. In addition to the above points, the overall structure of street lamps needs to be considered, in particular, the calculation of wind resistance of solar street lamps and the overall aesthetics of street lamps designed in combination with urban roads. In a word, there are many factors that affect the performance of solar street lamps, which will not be described in detail. Some people often regard sunshine time as the peak hours of solar energy when designing solar street lamp systems. In fact, this is incorrect, the result of this design will lead to the instability of the whole system. Only by mastering the detailed meteorological resources and conditions of the place of use and combining with practical experience and optimizing the system design can the normal operation of solar street lamps be ensured.
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