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What is the development of LED solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-13
Lighting is the most basic and important demand in people's production, work and study. At present, lighting sources in our country are still generally used for thermal power generation, and lighting electricity has become an important part of our country's electricity demand. In 2007, China's lighting electricity consumption reached 3900 kWh, accounting for more than 12% of the country's electricity consumption, and the standard coal consumption reached 1. 4 tons. 70% of China's coal products are used for thermal power generation. The huge electricity consumption not only consumes a large amount of coal resources, but also has become the main source of air pollution in China. For every kilowatt-hour electricity produced by coal combustion, the pollutants generated on the air are: 0. 272 of carbon dust, 997 of carbon dioxide, 0. 03 of sulfur dioxide and 0. 015 of nitrogen oxides. Energy saving, environmental protection and long life are the three advantages of solar photovoltaic lamps different from traditional incandescent lamps. At the same time, LED is a famous 'cold' light source, which does not rely on filament heating to emit light, and the energy conversion efficiency is very high, in theory, the energy consumption is only 1/20 of that of incandescent lamps, which is more than one tenth of that of ordinary fluorescent lamps. Developed countries plan 3- Within 5 years, 20% of conventional light source products will be replaced by LED light source technology products. The LED lamp holder selected in this project adopts the international advanced LED light source design technology, and uses the special LED Diode with large diffusion angle and ultra-high brightness as the light source Board; Solar panels (Components) Compared with the current solar lamps and lanterns, it has the advantages of high brightness, long service life, low service cost and so on, it is suitable for lighting solar street lamps, courtyard lamps, lawn lamps, warehouse lamps and other systems. For example, in the solar street lamp, the brightness of the 12-meter lamp pole reaches 27LUX, which is much higher than that of the existing solar street lamp with inverter and ordinary light source lamp. Under the same illumination, the power consumption of solar cells is greatly saved, and the shortcomings of unreliable AC inverter for conventional solar street lamp system, difficult start-up at low temperature, short lamp life and high system cost are completely solved. LED solar photovoltaic power generation lighting lamps perfect production technology, aiming at improving the service life of lamps, reducing production costs, expanding production scale, and improving the promotion and application of solar lamps, promote the development of China's solar photovoltaic industry and the development of regional economy. Taking Ordos as an example, by the end of 2009, the proven coal reserves in Inner Mongolia autonomous region have reached more than 7300 tons, ranking first in the country, and the predicted reserves will be higher. However, Ordos is close to 1500 tons, accounting for 1/6 of the country. It is predicted that the total coal reserves here can reach 7000 tons. It is understood that at present in Ordos, 108 tons of Shenhua coal are directly liquefied in the local area, and projects such as 300 tons of dimethyl ether of China Coal Group, 100 tons of olefin in Datang and tons of dimethyl ether in Huineng have also been completed and put into operation. Relying on the soft policy of 'coal for industry', Ordos has collected many large-scale electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and biological projects. As the investment policy guidance of domestic new energy and other national strategic emerging industries, LED projects naturally become a bright spot in Ordos's economic transformation. LED solar street lamp is a green and environmentally friendly product and an energy-saving product that responds to the call of the country and the world. At present, the market share of LED solar street lamps is increasing year by year, and the development trend of LED solar street lamps must be improved from the core accessories ( Conversion of solar panels, luminous efficiency of light sources, storage density of batteries) The introduction of aesthetic design and the improvement of more intelligent technology application. Key words: Solar street lamp manufacturer.
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