What is the installation distance of solar street lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-20
The installation distance of solar street lamps is based on the installation environment, as well as the model of the product, etc. There are many factors that lead to the installation distance of solar street lamps, the product parameters of LED solar street lamps play the most important decisive factor. Secondly, it will also be affected by other factors such as road conditions. First, scenic spots and parks generally prefer street lamps with a height of about 7 meters, especially new rural construction roads with a width of about 7 meters. Generally, it is installed by unilateral interactive light distribution to ensure the installation spacing is 20- About 25 meters is OK, less than 20 meters will affect some lighting. One more street lamp should be installed at the corner to avoid lighting dead spots. Second: Generally, when installing solar street lamps, the number of solar street lamps installed should also be determined according to the actual situation. This kind of scenery also has the following premise. When installing street lamps, if the road on which street lamps need to be installed is not too wide, it is better to install street lamps on one side. Three: the road for installing 12-meter light poles needs to be more than 15 meters in width, and the symmetrical light distribution mode on both sides should be adopted. The longitudinal spacing of solar street lamps with a height of 12 meters is generally recommended to be 30- 50 m 4: Factory Road, Village Road, urban road, led solar street lamp power size such as 30 W, 60 W, 120 W, 150 W.
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