What is the later maintenance of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-25
The installation and construction, project management and quality control of solar street lamps in the later maintenance are also very important. Solar street lamps are installed outdoors, and all connecting parts of solar street lamps are wind-resistant; Anti-bird of solar panels, anti-theft of solar panels, rainproof of street lamps in and out lines and control rooms, winter insulation and summer cooling of storage batteries, ventilation of storage batteries, waterproof of storage batteries, etc. The installation and construction of solar street lamps are generally characterized by tight time, remote location, poor transportation conditions, strong technology and many fragile and wearing parts. Organization management and quality control are of vital importance. 1: The dustproof felt strip of the lamp should be complete, and those that are not neat should be repaired and replaced. 2: The reflector of the lamp should not be destroyed or deformed during the transportation and installation process. The lampshade should be added with a rubber ring. When the lamp opening is broken and exposed copper of porcelain, it should be exchanged. 3: enamel lamp umbrella corrosion, deformation should be replaced. 4: lamps should be strong and correct, with loose and inclined appearances. 5: the buckle of the transparent cover should be in good condition and easy to use. 6: the lamps and the body of the lamp should not be tortuous. The screws of each department should be tightened with spring eyeliner.
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