What is the problem before the installation of the solar street lamp pole?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-13
The universal use of solar street lamps can not only improve the national energy problem, but also add light to rural roads. The safety performance of solar street lamps cannot be separated from the preparation and precautions before installation of light poles, so, what is the problem before the installation of the solar street lamp pole? SOURCE Solar street lamp technicians answer for you: 1. Combined with road engineering, timely intervene in rod position selection, foundation construction and pre-burying in advance, so as to find problems in time, make reasonable changes, ensure quality and save investment. 2. Fully understand the characteristics of solar street lamps, light sources and light poles, reasonably select solar lamps, light sources and light poles according to the actual road and reference lighting standards, combined with investment budget, in order to give full play to the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving of light source, light distribution and accessory combination of solar lamps. 3. According to the actual and geological conditions of the solar street lamp construction site, design and manufacture the solar street lamp pole Foundation and high pole Lamp Foundation to ensure the Foundation is firm and reliable. Special attention should be paid to the adaptation of the pre-buried Bolt and the reserved hole of the rod seat, accurate positioning, reasonable pre-buried length and external length, and proper protection of the threaded part to facilitate hoisting and positioning. 4. The connectors of the internal fittings of solar street lamps should be tightly inserted and firmly inserted to avoid the failure caused by loose wind swing and poor contact. Solar street lamp, lamp pole, lamp pole and cantilever are reliably fixed. Each pole of the high pole lamp in the solar street lamp should be in place, the lifting frame and the lamp should be reliably fixed, the lifting system should be safe and reliable, and the functions of lifting, limiting and positioning should be complete. 5, under the condition of ensuring the lighting performance, appropriately increase the distance between solar street lamps to save the number of lamps; Appropriately increase the height of solar street lamp poles to improve the lighting effect; As far as possible in the middle of the road separation with cloth Rod, in order to save engineering costs. The above is about the introduction of the problem before the installation of solar street lamp poles. With the improvement of economic development level, solar road lighting has become an integral part of beautifying the urban landscape.
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