What is the solar street light source?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-28
In recent years, more and more solar street lamps have been applied to the market. Solar street lamps do not need to lay cables, do not need AC power supply, and do not generate electricity charges; Light source is an important part of solar street lamp. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to solar street lamp light source. Development of light source: Incandescent Lamp, energy-saving lamp, high pressure sodium lamp LED lamp, improved light source with improved lighting efficiency the development trend of light source is stronger power saving ability and higher lighting efficiency. 2. The quality of light, noun interpretation, luminous flux (LM) : The energy that the light source radiates out of the surrounding space per unit time and can make the human eye produce light sense is called luminous flux. Unit is lumens (lm). Illuminance (lx): Illuminance is used to indicate the illuminated surface (Working face) The degree of exposure, usually expressed by the luminous flux received per unit area, in Lux (lx)Or lumens per square meter (lm/m2). In addition, another requirement standard for light is the quality of light. This quality includes light type, uniformity, color temperature, display and other elements. Light Type- The shape of light hitting the ground: the conversion rate of photoelectricity is particularly scarce, so light is particularly precious to solar street lamps. In order to make the best use of every inch of light, the source code has been studying the rational use of light types, reduce the waste of light outside the road. Finally, a patented lens was developed to distribute the light twice, making the light parallel to the road and improving the utilization rate of the light. Uniformity- The brightest and darkest difference value of light irradiation on the road. It is very comfortable for people or cars to walk on the road, not one light and one dark. Color temperature (CCT)-The color sense of light felt by human eyes. Light source color temperature different light color also different. The light with low color temperature is yellow, which we call warm tone. In emotion, warm tone gives people warm feeling, while in function, yellow light has good fog permeability; The light with high color temperature is white, and emotionally, the cold tone gives people a sense of visual coldness. In effect, white light with high color temperature used for road lighting has an intermediate visual effect, with good visibility and brighter than yellow light with low color temperature. But the color temperature is too high or too low will give people a feeling of discomfort. The tone of urban light is the change of color temperature. Color rendering index (CRI)- The degree to which the light source restores the color of an object is called color rendering. Glare-The human eye senses the glaring intensity of light. Glare can cause visual fatigue, which has a certain impact on the eyes and causes eye discomfort. Glare may cause certain danger when driving or outdoor sports. Therefore, no glare, anti-glare is also a standard of light quality. Pursuing the ultimate goal of light quality- To make the eyes more comfortable, in the product research and development of solar street lights, but also pay attention to anti-glare, so that users have a better light environment. The above is the knowledge of solar street lamp light source. After understanding the knowledge of solar street lamp light source, we need to understand the brand of source solar street lamp. Source solar intelligent street lamp is an enterprise specialized in solar street lamp lighting, it is the world's leading provider of solar intelligent street lamp products, integrating research and development, design, production and sales. The source code adheres to the enterprise mission of 'lighting up the road of wisdom', takes technological innovation and excellent quality as its core competitiveness, devotes itself to the professional research and development of solar street lamps, and has won more than 80 patent certifications, we have independently researched and developed the intelligent monitoring and control system of solar street lamps, mastered ten core technologies, pioneered the Rs standard in the field of solar street lamps, owned a professional and perfect after-sales team, and pioneered the 'sunshine inspection service' in the industry ', with the service tenet of 'responsibility first, technology to specialization, care and service to Excellence', we provide scientific and professional after-sales service around our customers to meet their needs in an all-round way. The source code is committed to leading the solar lighting industry to develop in an intelligent direction and promoting the clean and green development of global energy. Buy LED solar street lamps and identify the source code. Key words: Solar energy courtyard lamp
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