What should be paid attention to in preventing theft of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-01
In order to prevent the theft of solar street lamps, the best way is to install safety monitoring so that you can see the use of solar street lamps in real time. If monitoring is not installed, it is better to install an alarm system for solar street lamps. Solar street lamps are valuable because of the materials they are made of. Therefore, after such a light is installed in many areas, batteries or other important components are stolen. 1: the more valuable storage battery in the solar street lamp can be stored in the buried box, and then placed in the cement pool about one meter from the ground. After such reinforcement treatment, the storage battery will not be affected by the surrounding environment because it is stored in the box, and it can also prevent the theft of the storage battery. 2: street lamps can choose high-efficiency solar panels, long-life lithium batteries, imported LED with high luminous efficiency, intelligent controllers and PIR human body sensing modules. The integrated design of solar street lamps and the design of anti-theft screws can reduce the risk of stolen batteries and parts of solar street lamps. 3: lithium battery is the core of solar energy, and the cost of solar lithium battery is relatively high. Generally, those with large capacity and good quality need 1000 or 2000 yuan each, therefore, it is best to install a special battery anti-theft box for solar street lamps. 4: Although the storage battery can be buried underground by the user to ensure its safety, the solar panel appearing outside is very dangerous. In order to ensure that the solar panel will not be stolen, when creating the source solar street lamp, some devices that can independently alarm will be added.
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