What work needs to be done to prevent theft of solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-07
If you want the street lamp to prevent theft, you should check whether the battery voltage is normal. If there is any abnormality, it will be judged as a nonconforming product and installation is prohibited. Wrap the two poles of the sheath wire with insulating tape. Disassemble and assemble the battery compartment and lift it with a crane and put it into the pre-built Foundation, then put two double steel wire ring hoops on the connecting hose and pass the battery wire through the prefabricated pipe of the ground cage. After penetrating the battery wire from the prefabricated tube, then put on a section of threading hose, and put on two double steel wire hoop on the threading hose, evenly coat the prefabricated pipe with a layer of 7091 sealing silica gel, then insert the threading hose into the root of the prefabricated pipe, and fasten the bolt on the double steel wire hoop with a screwdriver, finally, fix the battery line at the nozzle. We should pay attention to the safety monitoring of solar street lamps, and set up monitoring systems or install alarm systems in places that are easy to be stolen, so as to learn the usage of solar street lamps and carry out effective management. Solar street lamp batteries are usually installed next to the road. Theft occurs from time to time. The solar battery should be packaged in a cage before being buried in advance. A 30cm threading pipe should be exposed on the ground, the surface shall be poured with cement as a whole, and the pouring surface shall be kept horizontal to prevent the lamps from tilting. Put it into a cement tank one meter deep from the ground, and then reinforce it. The battery will not be affected by the environment in the box, and it can also effectively prevent theft. First, select the control box and other materials of solar street lamp that meet the standards and quality, and ensure that the installation of the firmware meets the requirements during the installation process to ensure the robustness of the solar street lamp, to a certain extent, it can also play an anti-theft role. Second: solar panels are also important components in solar street lamps. When using them, in order to ensure that solar panels will not be stolen, professional manufacturers create them, some devices that can automatically alarm will be added. Once the solar panel is illegally disassembled, the user will be reminded to check it before the alarm system is turned on. Three: further confirm the safety of the battery, you can also install some safety monitoring or alarm system, you can pay attention to the use of solar street lamps in real time, the alarm system automatically alarms, the first time found, it can manage solar street lamps more conveniently. Four: the battery capacity is too small to meet the needs of night lighting, and the battery is too large, the battery is always in a state of power loss, affecting the battery life, but also cause waste. Five: remove the sundries such as mud in the cement tank where the battery compartment is placed in the foundation of the solar street lamp to ensure that the drainage hole is not blocked by foreign matter. Check whether the battery compartment is damaged or not, and at the same time check whether the battery voltage is normal. If there is any abnormality, it will be judged as a nonconforming product and installation is prohibited.
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