Where can common LED street lamps be used

by:Road Smart     2020-02-26
LED street lamps are suitable for street lamps. The aim is to design a long life, low power consumption, high power factor, high efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp, including sequential connection of grid high voltage discharge branches R1, C1, rectifier Bridge D1-D4, power factor correction branches C2, D5, D6, high and medium frequency Burr filter branches L1, L3. High frequency oscillation circuit BG1-BG2, start Branch L2, C7 and lamp T; It can save 80% of electricity than previous street lamps; Harmonic content THD <25%, extending lamp life up to 3-4 times. According to the material of street lamp pole: Hot dip galvanized iron street lamp, steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp. The source code prompts that street lamps are divided according to the light source of street lamps: sodium street lamps, LED street lamps, energy-saving street lamps and new somming xenon street lamps, and are divided according to the power supply mode: commercial street lamps, solar street lamps and wind-solar complementary street lamps. Lamp pole height classification: high pole lamp, middle pole lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp. Light pole material classification: Hot-dip galvanized iron road pole, steel and stainless steel road pole light pole shape classification: Chinese lamp, antique lamp, single-arm street lamp. According to the classification of power supply mode: city street lamp and solar street lamp, wind and light complementary street lamp, according to the classification of light source: sodium lamp, LED lamp, energy-saving lamp. The LED series-parallel connection mode of the lamp board is very important. Try not to use wide voltage, can be divided into AC220V, AC110V as much as possible classification, so as to ensure the reliability of power supply. Since the current power supply is generally a non-isolated Buck constant current power supply, when the required voltage is 110 V, the output voltage should not exceed 70V and the number of series connections should not exceed 23 series. In other words, the number of series connections does not exceed 45 strings. The number of parallel connection should not be too much, otherwise the working current is too large and the power supply is seriously heated. There is also a wide voltage scheme. APFC active power compensation is to raise the voltage to 7527 V first with L6561/400 and then lower the voltage. This scheme is only used under specific conditions. I. LED street lamps are used in the application field of display screens. China's LED display screens started early, and a number of manufacturers with strong strength have emerged in the market, forming a mature industry with complete supporting facilities. Second: LED street lamp power supply heat dissipation, the main factor is that LED street lamp power supply beads can greatly prolong life under non-thermal conditions, and generally use aluminum alloy radiators to dissipate heat more easily. That is, the LED street lamp power supply bead is attached to the aluminum substrate, and the external heat dissipation area is expanded as much as possible. Three: outdoor camping, very suitable for camping places to install LED solar street lights, not only to solve the main problems of camping people, but also to a certain extent to ensure the safety of these people, the volume of street lamps is very suitable for installing energy storage batteries inside. Four: because some rural natural environment is relatively harsh, it is not suitable for laying cables. Solar street lamps are easy to install and have a long service life. Moreover, the rural roads are narrow and small, and the requirements for LED light sources are not high. It is suitable for installing LED solar street lamps. Four: The recommended working voltage for general LED is 3. 0-3. 5 V, after testing, most of the work in 3. 2 V, so press 3. 2V calculation formula is more reasonable. The total voltage of N lamp beads connected in series = 3. 2 * N Five: used in the field of medical light source, scientific experiments have confirmed that LED light source has anti-inflammatory, sterilization, induction and promotion of human tissue changes, affecting human biological rhythm and other medical effects, so far, a large number of LED light sources have been used to treat skin and vision.
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