Where is the application place of LED street lamp?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-12
The radiation forms of LED include Lambert type, lateral emission type, bat airfoil type and spotlight type. In the field of road lighting, according to the design experience, Lambert type and bat airfoil type are more suitable. Through secondary optical design, make the lighting range of LED. The most common form of LED used in road lamps is mainly in lamps. Matrix LED is installed on an almost flat mounting surface, this design method is impossible to obtain good light distribution of lamps. I: LED solar street lamps are very suitable for use in rural areas, because some rural natural environments are relatively harsh and very unsuitable for laying cables. Solar street lamps are easy to install and have a long service life. Moreover, the rural roads are narrow and small, and the requirements for LED light sources are not high. It is suitable for installing LED solar street lamps. Second, the application field of architectural landscape lighting has a wide application market in landscape lighting. The domestic landscape lighting market scale is about 2000 yuan or more. A number of LED landscape lighting demonstration projects have been built in cities such as Xiamen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Harbin. Three: the family backyard, if there is a lighting LED solar street lamp in the backyard of the home, it can be said to be very convenient, and because the installation is simple, it can save a lot of electricity, and can be self-activated, very worry-free. Four: in the field of display application, China's LED display started earlier, and a number of manufacturers with strong strength have emerged in the market, forming a mature industry with complete supporting facilities. Five: outdoor camping, if you install LED solar street lights in some places that are very suitable for camping, not only solve the main problems of camping people, but also ensure the safety of these people to a certain extent. The volume of street lamps is very suitable for installing energy storage batteries inside as backup light for night. And the installation cost is not high, the benefit of the people, why not. Six: in the field of medical light source, scientific experiments have proved that LED light source has anti-inflammatory, sterilization, induction and promotion of human tissue changes, affecting human biological rhythm and other medical effects, so far, there have been a large number of successful medical cases such as LED light source treatment of skin, vision, wound and beauty.
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