Where is the solar street lamp battery?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-12
Where is the solar street lamp battery? Solar street lamps must be familiar to everyone. They are lighting tools that can be seen everywhere outdoors. They are widely used because of their advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and simple installation. As an important component of solar street lamp energy storage, solar street lamp battery is another new energy street lamp that stores the generated electric energy when the illumination is insufficient or at night. So, some people may wonder, where is the solar street lamp battery? Shenzhen source solar street lamp factory technicians answer for you: Generally speaking, the battery of solar street lamp is buried underground, as the energy storage component of the solar street lamp system, the solar street lamp battery is generally placed in the buried box, and the buried box is generally placed in the cement pool specially built next to the lamp pole, at the same time, the battery and the need to do a good job of insulation and gas dispersion and waterproof steps are very important. Now the general use of maintenance-free batteries, basically no maintenance, very convenient. There are also some solar street lamps that can also put the battery in a specially welded battery box at the bottom of the lamp pole. Disassembly is very convenient, but it has an impact on the battery life under high temperature conditions. Why are solar street lamp batteries buried underground? The effect of being buried underground? 1. Theft prevention: because street lamp batteries are more expensive, they have attracted some thieves. From this point of view, we must not bury it too shallow, which will undoubtedly provide convenience for thieves. 2. Prevent water from entering the battery: Although there are waterproof measures outside the battery, we still cannot bury it too shallow in order to further prevent it, generally speaking, it can be well waterproof at 1 meter. 3. Anti-freezing: The main reason for anti-freezing is that the battery life will be reduced in extremely cold conditions. Therefore, if the place where solar street lamps are installed is in the colder north, it is necessary for us to bury the battery in the depth of 2 meters. The above is about the solar street lamp battery where to introduce this, in the city lighting, street lighting, community lighting, factory lighting, scenic lighting and other public places lighting, solar street lamps all play a very important role. Solar street lamps use natural sunlight as new lighting energy, which has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, simple installation and elegant appearance, and has been widely used in all walks of life.
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