Which parts are made up of solar lawn lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-03
The basic part of the solar courtyard lamp is usually a quadrilateral bottom plate with a side length of 22- 29 cm, landscape lamp based on its slightly different settings and height. Foundation pit and pre-buried preparation work generally start 4 days to 1 week in advance to provide a stable time for the installation of concrete. Special attention should be paid to the pre-buried work of the connecting pipeline, so as not to affect the related work of the subsequent installation. The anchor cage of lawn lamp is usually φ10-12 steel, high 25-40 cm, length 20- The quadrangle of 25 cm is of low basic value as an accessory. Lamp caps are generally made of aluminum, light-emitting elements are polymethyl methacrylate, glass products are gradually being replaced, and the diameter is generally 30-60 cm, accounting for about 40% of the cost. There is a wiring door at the bottom of the light pole, generally 20 cm from the ground, which is convenient for wiring and wiring inspection. There is a cover on the wiring door, which can be on the wiring back cover. It is mainly convenient for the maintenance of the junction box. The Wire cutting technology is used on the premise that the overall installation is more convenient. 1: The controller is composed of single chip microcomputer and sensor. After collecting the light signal and discriminating the opening and closing of the light source, the lamp body plays the primary role in system protection and daytime decoration, ensure the normal operation of this system. 2: The choice of battery, lead-acid battery needs acid rehydration, maintenance workload is very large, at the same time, sulfuric acid electrolyte overflow may damage the lamp body or other public facilities, and cause great pollution to the environment. Under normal conditions, its charging and discharging cycle can exceed 500 times. Under the condition of fine weather, the solar cell module will continuously charge the storage battery, however, only about 25% of the battery capacity is consumed at night, at which time the battery will be in a continuous floating charge state, which can greatly prolong the service life of the battery. 3: The design of the controller, the charge and discharge control of the battery in the power generation system is more complicated than the charge and discharge control of the battery in ordinary applications, which directly determines whether the whole solar lawn lamp system can run smoothly. A complete solar lawn lamp controller should have two functions: first, function control, lawn lamp is used in lawn, daytime decoration, night lighting, according to different usage conditions, some need to work all night, more work 4 ~ 8 hours, so it must have the function of light control switch. Including anti-recoil protection for solar cell modules, over-charge protection for storage battery, over-discharge protection, temperature compensation function, constant current drive for LED, etc. 4: the operating voltage of the positive energy battery is 1. 5 times, such as 3. 6V battery charging requirements 4. 0 ~ 5. 4V solar cell, charge 6V battery with 8 ~ 9V solar cell; Charge 12V battery with 15 ~ 18V solar cell. 5. The controller of solar lawn lamp is mainly used for charging and discharging of storage battery. As shown in the schematic diagram of charging and discharging controller, a basic photovoltaic application system is composed of photovoltaic panel, storage battery, solar controller and load.
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