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Why are led street lights very popular


As an integral part of public infrastructure, waterproof street lights play a pivotal role in traffic safety and social security. With the development of the outdoor lighting industry, high quality led street lights have gradually become the preferred lighting fixtures for many municipal projects. Why do people have such high recognition for Led street lamps?

High ecological benefits

With serious environmental degradation, lots of countries are seeking to develop clean energy. Led street Outdoor lights mostly use solar energy to supply power, which not only solves the power shortage problem in many countries and remote areas but also contributes to the development of new energy industry, further promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

Good lighting effect

Before the birth of LED street lights, people usually use high-pressure sodium lights for road lighting. However, the light loss of the traditional street lamp is huge, resulting in great energy waste. With advances in technology, Led street lights can guarantee very good outdoor lighting performance. Road Smart self-developed batwing lens will enable led street solar lights to deploy professional distribution of the light source, so as to achieve the perfect balance of brightness and illumination area.

Reliable lighting solution

With the improvement of LED luminous efficiency and reduction of its production cost, the LED street lamp can replace traditional high-pressure sodium street lights and even be widely applied to high power road lighting projects. Not only that, LED is a semiconductor device, its service life can reach 50000-100000 hours. Road Smart integrated solar led street light, through the hardware and software technology, further ensures the LED lighting system run more stable and life is better guaranteed.

The application of LED  technology has solved problems such as energy conservation, light pollution, which has effectively promoted the sustainable development of outdoor lighting engineering construction. 

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