Why can solar street lamps save energy?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-01
The emergence of solar street lamps gives street lamp buyers a brand-new choice. It is different from other types of street lamps. Its power source is solar energy, and each solar street lamp will have a solar panel. In the evening, and then put the electricity stored during the day to provide the role of lighting, energy saving is a major feature of solar street lights, but also a very popular reason. The current road lighting system is also highly valued by our country. For some aging lighting systems, solar street lamps will be directly transformed. In fact, the transformation is relatively simple, dismantling the original lighting system, the usable lamp pole is reprocessed into the type required by solar street lamp. After connection, independent power generation and lighting can be realized. For solar street lamps, it will start with more investment, but compared with the electricity bill in two years, it still saves a lot of energy, which can be said to be a relatively long-term plan. LED solar street lamps can reflect their advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, that is, they do not need to be connected to the power grid for power supply, but use solar panels to convert solar energy radiated by sunlight into electric energy, then the solar battery is used to store energy and generate electricity through the controller. The whole process does not consume any conventional energy. If the solar street lamp is used for all lighting projects in the city, the energy-saving effect can be achieved to a large extent. Compared with the traditional street lamp, the solar energy-saving street lamp can save a lot of electricity charges in one year, on the other hand, it can also promote economic development. 1: The solar street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, which irradiates the solar road to the required lighting area to further improve the lighting efficiency so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. 2: The characteristics of the solar road bulb itself, non-diffusion of light, to ensure lighting efficiency; The color rendering index of high pressure sodium lamp is only about 23, and the color rendering index of solar street lamp reaches 75 or higher. From the perspective of visual psychology, the brightness is equal, and the average value of the solar road can be reduced by more than 20% compared with the high pressure sodium lamp. 3: The light decay of solar street lamps is small, and the light decay within one year is less than 2. 5%, 10 years later still use road use lighting requirements. The high-pressure sodium lamp has a large fading, which has dropped by more than 30% in a year or so, so the solar street lamp can be designed to use lower power than the high-pressure sodium lamp. 4: The uniformity of the light irradiation surface can be controlled. Theoretically, it can be completely uniform in the target area, which can also avoid the waste of light in the phenomenon of 'lighting under the light' of the traditional light source. Color temperature can be selected, which is also an important way to improve efficiency and reduce cost in different applications. 5: LED is different from traditional lighting lamps. It has the characteristics of point light source, high brightness and narrow beam output. To make LED solar street lamps, we must first consider making full use of the limited luminous flux to an effective irradiation range. The open space beyond the road surface is not the effective range of solar street lamp lighting. Therefore, the distribution range of light can be effectively controlled so that the light emitted by the light-emitting tube becomes a strip of light band spreading along the road surface direction, and the generation of glare should also be taken into account, it is a higher requirement for designers of new LED lamps. At present, the main technical performance indexes of LED solar street lamps are compared, and the calculation of energy saving indexes (Calculated by 12 hours per day), Save electricity every year = 365*12 *(0. 5-0. 16)= 1489. 2; Annual electricity savings = 1489. 2*0. 8 = 1191. 36 yuan. 6: High-power imported chip self-packaged LED lamps, high luminous efficiency, good color rendering, waterproof and dustproof, service life>100,000 hours. Special maintenance-free valve-regulated colloidal lead-acid battery for solar energy, with internal colloidal treatment, which is anti-vulcanization and more durable. Special battery buried box, fully sealed waterproof design, built-in thermal insulation sponge, comprehensive protection of the battery.
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