Why do solar street lamps light up during the day?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-10
When installing during the day, the led light source will not go out. When the above situation occurs, we need to check whether our wiring is correct, because the solar street lamp controller cannot receive the voltage transmitted by the solar panel, it will default that the led will always be in the working state until the end of its set working time. It is necessary to check whether the connection between the controller and the solar panel is reversed. Another possible reason is that the solar panel is directly short-circuited. The high-power panel will be protected by Diodes. This side can be cut short to make it work properly. When it is on, the solar street lamp controller charges the red light under the sunlight (SUN)Will be bright, its middle two-color lamp (BAT) It represents the capacity of the battery. The red light indicates that the battery has been put. The yellow light of the two-color light indicates that the battery is under voltage. The green indicates that the battery is normal. One: check the solar panel: if the connection of the solar street light panel is not very strong, it will not be able to charge normally. The normal performance is voltage, and the normal open circuit voltage is 17. Above 5 V, but no current. This phenomenon is that the wires of the battery panel are not well connected. The troubleshooting method can be directly opened after the black electrical appliance cover behind the battery panel is opened. For example, there is no current directly detected from the aluminum berth of the battery panel, said panels have problem to replacement. Second, the led light source is not bright for a period of time at night, and usually appears after a long rainy day. It stops working after a period of light at night. The way we repair the customer after the sale is to remove the line of the led light source, so that the sun can work normally for a day or two. Three: many engineers are eager to see the lighting effect, and the lights will be on the night after installation. Because the new battery is not fully charged at the factory time, if the light is turned on after installation, it will not reach the designed rainy days. Four: different regions must pay special attention to whether the design ideas and key points of their systems conform to the local actual situation when purchasing solar street lamps, and do not blindly pursue low prices just for saving investment, for example, pay attention to the weather. Five: The solar street lamp device should not be lit on the day. Many engineering companies are eager to see the lighting effect, and the lights will be on the night after the installation. It is not up to the described rainy days. The correct way is to connect the controller after the device is finished, but not to connect the load. After charging for one day on the next day, the load will be connected at dusk, so that the capacity of the battery can reach a higher level. Six: The connection of solar street lamp controllers, try to use waterproof controllers to ensure long-term stability, and prevent users from changing the lighting moment at will.
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