Why do solar street lamps use LED lights?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-31
Why do solar street lamps use LED lights? Once upon a time, there was no lamp in the world. After the sun fell into the horizon, people fell into endless darkness and despair. Later, people's progress and development have created solar street lamps. Solar street lamps are now a relatively mature industry because of their energy conservation and convenience. Now the solar street lamp has reached a new stage, because now the technology is mature, the purchase on the market is also formed. So, why do solar street lamps use LED lights? Shenzhen source solar street lamp factory technicians answer for you: first, solar street lamp components: Solar street lamp components are lithium batteries, kits, solar panels, controllers, sensors, LED lights. The principle of use is that solar energy is received by the solar panel and stored in the lithium battery through the controller. At night, the controller will make the street lamp turn on automatically. Generally, the lighting is from 7: 00 to 12: 00 in the evening, but the time depends on where you are, which can be adjusted. Second, why do solar street lamps use LED lights? 1, LED lights are one-way irradiation, Care effect than ordinary lighting effect is good, there will be no diffuse phenomenon; 2. The secondary optical design of the LED lamp will illuminate the required places, make better use of the light source and improve the illumination efficiency; 3, light failure is 3, high pressure sodium light failure is 30% a year. Therefore, its service life is still very high, more than 50 thousand hours; 4. Excellent heat dissipation control, even in summer, heat dissipation is sufficient, and the materials contained will not pollute the environment; 5, easy to install, direct installation is OK. The above is the explanation about why solar street lamps use LED lamps. LED lamps are in line with solar street lamps. From the service life to the unidirectionality of light, heat dissipation is suitable for street lamps.
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