Why does LED solar street lamp keep flashing?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-14
Usually, the human eye can perceive the light flicker with a frequency of 70Hz, but it will not perceive above this frequency. Therefore, in the application of LED lighting street lamps, if the pulse signal has a low frequency component with a frequency lower than 70Hz, the human eye will feel the flicker. The lights of the solar street lamp are flashing and the brightness is unstable. You can replace the lamp first. If the lamp is still flashing after changing, you can rule out the cause of the LED solar street lamp and check the line. At present, most solar street lamps use LED light sources, because LED light sources consume less power and have high brightness, and components will inevitably be damaged during use, therefore, according to the flashing condition, it can be judged that this phenomenon is mainly caused by loose wiring, and it is good to reconnect it. Whether the solar street lamp battery is full or not, it is easy to cause solar battery charging dissatisfaction for a long time. You can observe the weather conditions in recent days to see if you can guarantee the necessary charging time every day, check whether the battery is aging, etc. In specific applications, there are many factors that may cause LED lights to flicker. Since the sinusoidal square wave power conversion of the flyback regulator does not provide constant energy for the primary bias, dynamic self-supply (DSS)The circuit may activate and cause the light to flash. In LED Drive applications, electromagnetic interference (EMI) Filter, if this resonance characteristic causes the input current to drop below the TRIAC maintenance current, the TRIAC will turn off. During one and a half cycles of the input power waveform, this series of events may be repeated many times, resulting in visible LED flicker.
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