Why does solar LED road light decline?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-07
In theory, the total photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED is about 54%, and due to the lack of materials and processes, the actual conversion efficiency is about 30%. Residual energy is mainly converted into heat energy in the form of lattice vibration generated by non-radiation recombination, which is the LED heat source factor. Poor heat conduction of iron support, yellowing of epoxy resin, insufficient contact between chip and support, large chip attenuation, if it is white light, and the problem of fluorescent powder attenuation will cause light attenuation. The battery light decay of solar street lamp refers to the reduction of electric energy emitted by receiving light, while led light decay refers to the reduction of led luminous efficiency. Poor heat dissipation leads to fast light decay and long service life, but it is difficult to maintain the brightness of the new purchase. The light source is excellent, because all diodes can be arranged on one plane, the loss of reflection is avoided. Some solar LED street lamps are not perfect in temperature control, because the power of solar LED street lamps is far greater than that of household lamps in normal life, therefore, solar street lamp manufacturers must increase research and development and upgrade in the heat dissipation template. After the assembly is completed, the heat dissipation template must be protected by baking varnish to prevent corrosion from wind and rain. The power input power is also large, and the interface temperature of LED is quite high. Under the long-term continuous operation of street lamps, if the heat dissipation module cannot effectively dissipate heat, it will affect the service life and luminous performance of LED, like the current solar LED street lamp, the serious light failure is caused by these factors. The service life of anode treatment is not long, and oxidation and discoloration will still occur for a long time. If heavy industry is to be removed, it will not only take time and labor, but also increase maintenance costs; The protection Cost of baking varnish is relatively low, and the protection effect is also good, but the general baking varnish has no heat dissipation function, and the paint body itself will form a barrier effect.
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