Why does solar street lamp save energy?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-01
The first feature of solar street lamps is energy saving, and then it is relatively convenient to use. The working principle is as follows: during the day, under the illumination condition, the solar cell module generates a certain electromotive force, and the solar cell array is formed through the series and parallel connection of the components, so that the square array voltage meets the requirements of the system input voltage. Then charge the battery through the charge and discharge controller. At night, the battery pack provides input power to the inverter. Through the function of the inverter, direct current is converted into alternating current and transmitted to the power distribution cabinet, which is powered by the switching function of the power distribution cabinet. Yang energy lamps have no potential safety hazard. Solar energy lamps are low voltage products, and the working voltage is generally 12 ~ 24 v dc voltage, safe and reliable operation, will not pose an electric shock hazard to people. At present, the investment cost of basic energy in the market is increasing day by day, and various potential safety and pollution hazards are everywhere. Solar energy, as a safe and environmentally friendly new energy that is 'inexhaustible and inexhaustible', has received more and more attention. With the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, solar lamp products have dual advantages in environmental protection and energy conservation. Energy-saving solar street lamps can be roughly divided into the following categories: 1: Self-coupled step-down power-saving devices; Because its core component is a multi-tap transformer, the transformation ratio is fixed, and there is a technical defect that the output cannot be stabilized in real time. 2. Silicon-controlled chopping lighting energy-saving device; However, there are a large number of harmonics due to chopping, which is very harmful to the power grid. Some power-saving appliances can also adopt advanced lightning protection technology to prevent accidents caused by lightning damage to lighting circuits through integrated optimization design. 3: intelligent lighting governor. It can realize the functions of intelligent lighting regulation, effective protection of electric light source, energy-saving product principle and reduction of electric energy consumption. It is a relatively mature lighting control scheme in the world at present, and some domestic manufacturers have also developed such products, and began to market.
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