Why is the solar courtyard light not on and how to deal with it?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-07
After the solar courtyard lamp has been installed and used normally for a period of time, it is inevitable that it will encounter some situations that suddenly do not light up. The solar courtyard lamp itself is used for lighting, if it is not lit, its lighting value will be gone. Therefore, when the solar courtyard light is not on, we need to find out the reason and solve the problem. What is the reason and treatment method for the solar courtyard light not on? Source code (RoadSmart) The solar street lamp technician will answer for you: 1. The light source is damaged, and the light source is damaged due to natural or man-made reasons, resulting in the solar street lamp system not working, not lighting when it is on, flashing, etc. Solution: overhaul the light source or replace the light source. 2, the solar panel is damaged, in the case of solar panels without any load connected to the multimeter to test its voltage, the general system operating voltage is 12 v, under normal circumstances will be higher than 12v voltage, only when the voltage is higher than 12V can the battery be charged, and if it is lower than 12 V, the battery cannot be charged. The solar street lamp system cannot work or the working hours are not enough. Solution: replace the solar panel. 3. The positive and negative poles of the solar panel are reversed. The solar courtyard lamp system will only be lit once after installation. When the battery is used up, the solar courtyard lamp will never be lit again. Solution: replace the positive and negative poles of the solar panel. The above is about the reason why the solar garden lights are not on and the treatment method is introduced here. In order to ensure the normal operation of the solar garden lights, regular maintenance and inspection are essential. Of course, once a fault occurs, it will still be solved as long as it is solved according to the method.
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