Why should the solar light pole use topcoat?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-14
What paint does the solar light pole have? As public facilities and traffic road lighting equipment, the key and importance of solar street lamps is to ensure driving safety. It is very important to protect the performance or appearance of solar street lamps. The maintenance of solar street lamp poles should be able to keep colorfast and rust-free in different environments, therefore, the choice of painting for solar street lamp poles is very important. So, what kind of paint is used for solar street lamp poles? Shenzhen source solar street lamp technicians answer for you: The most commonly used antirust process for solar street lamp poles is hot rolled steel plate, hot/cold galvanizing, plastic spraying protective film: the solar street lamp pole will hardly rust after cold/hot galvanizing treatment (Except for trachoma when welding the light pole) , Then the only factor that will affect the beauty of street lamps is the external paint, and the solar street lamp pole will carry out the last anti-corrosion coating process after galvanizing--Spray plastic. Outdoor plastic powder or better outdoor highlight plastic powder is used for plastic spraying, but after actual use, it is found that the service life of outdoor plastic powder cannot reach 10 or even 20 years, however, after three years of outdoor use of outdoor highlight plastic powder, the gloss on the surface of the solar street lamp pole will gradually dim and then begin to change color and remove paint. This is a good plastic powder. Poor quality plastic powder will completely change in less than a year. The biggest disadvantage of outdoor plastic powder is its extremely poor aging resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to add a layer of protective film to the surface at this time. Galvanizing is for rust prevention and plastic spraying is for beauty. If rust prevention is achieved and beauty is achieved, then adding a layer of protective film is perfect. Outdoor powder has poor weather resistance. If it can be packaged with an outer paint with super weather resistance, it can keep its natural color for a long time. However, this outer paint is not difficult to find, it is 'fluorocarbon paint'. Fluorocarbon paint has the characteristics of excellent anti-corrosion performance, maintenance-free, strong adhesion, long weather resistance and so on. Coating fluorocarbon paint on the outer layer of plastic powder of solar road lamp pole can play a very good protective role, it is not a problem to maintain the gloss of the exterior paint on its surface for more than ten years. The above is about the solar light pole with what paint is introduced to this, the safety and reliability of solar street lamps is very important, the maintainability of solar street lamps is also very important. In different environments, such as foggy weather, rain and pollution, solar street lamps must meet the safety requirements of road lighting. The service life of solar street light poles is mostly long-term, and the correct and high-quality workmanship will benefit for life and once and for all.
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