Will rainy days affect the use of LED solar street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-04-10
First of all, through the current technology, the use of LED solar street lamps will definitely not be affected in rainy days. Because solar street lamps are used as energy sources, solar street lamps are an automatic control working system. Solar street lamps are ideal road lighting lamps in people's daily life, and with the continuous improvement of people's life and the continuous development of society, it is being widely used by people. If it cannot be used, there should be a problem with the product, which can be analyzed from the following aspects: the normal warranty years of the battery with poor battery quality are three or five years, battery quality will affect the use. The quality of the accessories used in the product is not good, and the service life is not long. The most point is that the solar street lamp controller is damaged, and the waterproof effect of the controller will directly affect the life of the controller. The waterproof performance is relatively poor, which will cause the controller to be directly damaged by water. Because the solar street lamp is outdoors, it should be designed according to the local climate, environment, temperature and other conditions. Before the continuous rainy days come, it is necessary to design the electric energy converted by the solar panel and the power storage capacity of the storage battery to fully meet the power supply to the light source by continuous rain. The premise is to make clear whether the power of the solar street lamp and the battery capacity match. If the power of the solar street lamp is large and the battery capacity is small, the lighting time will not be enough.
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