Will the cost of solar street lamps be higher than that of traditional street lamps?

by:Road Smart     2020-03-10
When it comes to solar street lamps, a high-tech product, many people will think that the price is very high, but this is not the case, the research and development and use of high-tech products will relatively increase a lot compared with the advantages of traditional products. However, in the long run, high-tech products will create more value instead, so when evaluating a product, don't care about its own price, what we need to consider is how much value the product itself will bring us. With the continuous change of municipal policies, we will develop the traditional street lamps around us and are slowly being replaced by solar street lamps. Many people will think that highways are completely free from trouble, the cost of solar street lamps is much higher than that of traditional street lamps, so it is still recommended not to replace traditional street lamps, continue to maintain the previous state, and reduce certain road expenses. These people are short-sighted. They do not see that when the new solar street lamp is used and maintained in the later period, you can save a lot of expenses. According to incomplete statistics, the annual cost of street lamp maintenance and use in our country is as high as hundreds of millions, which is a huge number, behind the figure is that the cost of electric energy is as high as 90%of the whole cost. Solar street lamps can completely remove this part of expenditure consumption, and solar street lamps can be converted into electric energy through heat energy for their own lighting, this saves a lot of electricity consumption costs. In addition, solar street lamps are more durable, so the cost of repair will also be reduced, and the overall road expenses will also be reduced, so that the country can get better development.
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