Wind resistance design of solar street lamp products

by:Road Smart     2020-03-30
The wind-resistant design of the light pole and foundation of the solar street lamp, and the wind-resistant design of the light pole and foundation of the street lamp are related to the height, area, inclination angle of the battery board, the structure of the light pole, the local maximum wind speed, etc. Wind-resistant design of battery components, and wind-resistant design of solar street lamps according to maximum wind power. There are many typhoons in the coastal areas of southern China. Solar street lamp poles should be able to resist at least level 12 Typhoons and most areas in the north should be able to resist level 10 strong winds. First, according to the technical parameter data of the battery component manufacturer, the Windward pressure that the solar battery component can withstand is 2700, and if the wind resistance coefficient is selected as 27 m/s (Equivalent to a 10-level typhoon) According to non-viscous fluid mechanics, the battery assembly can withstand only 365 of wind pressure. The key to consider in the design is the connection between the battery assembly bracket and the lamp post. Second, there may be many pedestrians or other buildings around the street lamp. Collision can present an inclined angle, but collapse cannot occur, once collapse occurs, there may be the possibility of overwhelming other buildings or crushing pedestrians. Three: failure surface resistance moment W = π × (3r2δ 3r Delta 2 Delta 3)= Π × ( 3 × 842 × 4 3 × 84 × 42 43)= 88768mm3 = 88. 768 × 10-6 m3; Stress caused by moment of action of wind load on failure surface = M/W = 1466 /(88. 768 × 10-6)= 16. 5 × 106pa = 16. 5 Mpa <<215Mpa; Among them, 215 Mpa is the bending strength of Q235 steel. Four: according to the design of 27 m/s maximum allowable wind speed, the basic load of 2 × 30W double lamp holder solar street lamp panel is 730N. Consider 1. The safety factor of 3, F = 1. 3 × 730 = 949N. Five: the surface where the weld of the street lamp is located is the damaged surface of the lamp pole. The interval between the calculation point P of the resistance moment W of the damage surface of the lamp pole and the action line F of the battery plate is PQ = 5000 (168 6) /Tan16o×sin16o = 1545mm = 1. 545m Therefore, the moment M of wind load on the damage surface of lamp pole = f×1. 545.
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